Why is the server not working well!

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  1. Dedicated resources: 2 x Core i7 7700K, 8Gb RAM, 60Gb SSD.

    The server has standard settings. And I wish the game mechanics hadn't changed. The problem is that if more than 15 people play, the TPS starts to fall. What ideas do you have, or maybe an article, or your comments?

  2. Do you have any clear lag plugins? Could also be where it's hosted. Internet or hosting sight may not be the best.
  3. The avg TPS in that timings report is 20. We need a timings report when the problem occurs.
  4. Looks like it's just the world. If its like a kitpvp server or a server where players don't interact with the world, you may use WorldGuard's /stoplag command

    Additionally, I would recommend getting a clear-lag plugin to clear entities every once in a while. If it gets too intense, you can try using the command
    /killall all (requires EssentialsX)

    What host are you using? Just curious
  5. [QUOTE = "superblaze27, post: 3694304, member: 130244"] Похоже, это просто мир. Если его подобно kitpvp сервер или сервер , где игроки не взаимодействует с миром, вы можете использовать WorldGuard в / stoplag команды

    Кроме того, я бы порекомендовал получить плагин с прозрачной задержкой, чтобы время от времени очищать сущности. Если он становится слишком интенсивным, вы можете попробовать использовать команду
    / killall all (требуется EssentialsX)

    Какой хост вы используете? Просто любопытно
    [/ QUOTE]

    Хостинг: https://www.myarena.ru/
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  7. Wow, that looks bad. You gave some specs, but is this home hosted, a purchased server? Dedicated or shared? It just looks slow.

    How much RAM are you using for the heap? What are your startup flags?
  8. I would recommend clicking the first link in my signature for an optimization guide. In addition to that, something that is not listed in the guide but can help cut down hopper lag greatly is changing ticks-per hopper-check in spigot.yml from 1 to 3.
  9. Okay, your specs seem good. You’re using shared hosting (which should never be a problem unless it’s like Intel Xeon)

    Make sure you’re using paperspigot for 1.15.2 (You can find that here https://papermc.io/downloads)

    If none of this is fixing your issue, it might be time to find a new host for Minecraft.

    Vultr, Linode, and Amazon lightsail all have locations in Europe and Asia. You can give them a try starting at $5 a month and $10 a month for your specs. They’re the biggest in the industry

    Additionally, what plugins are you using? What kind of server is it— is it factions, pvp, creative, etc.)