Why my server is lagging?

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  2. Are talking about your TPS being 18 at 62 players?
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  3. @TheFox_ Are you getting block lag on your server or is it just the TPS you are noticing?
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  4. I get a lot of lag in 2-3 minutes,and the TPS drop tp 10... now i'll post another timing
  5. spigot.yml
    Code (Text):

    Default: 4
    Suggested: 3

    Default: animals:32, monsters:32, misc:16
    Suggested: animals:6, monsters:16, misc:2

    Default: 8
    Suggested: 1 - 2

    Default: item:2.5, exp:3.0
    Suggested: item:3.5, exp:6.0

    Default: 10
    Suggested: 4
    Code (Text):

    Default: monsters:70, animals:15, water-animals:5, ambient:15
    Suggested: monsters:50, animals:10, water-animals:3, ambient:4

    Default: period-in-ticks:600, load-threshold:0
    Suggested: period-in-ticks:300, load-threshold:300

    Default: 1
    Suggested: 2 - 5
    Code (Text):
    Default: 256
    Suggested (standalone server): 512
    Suggested (behind local Waterfall/BungeeCord): -1
    Here try these settings on your server I have given you the default and the suggested just in case the suggested does not work for you..

    Then restart after you set them..
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  6. I have alredy edited these settings, but the server keep lagging..
  7. What are your servers specs and you did restart the server......
  8. - RAM: 32 GB DDR4
    - CPU: 6 Core Xeon E5 V3
    - SSD: 115 GB
    These are my plugin

    I restart the server every night..
  9. Did you restart after changing the settings I gave you.
  10. Paste your timings again that last one did not work
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  11. From your old timings SuperVanish, MoreSounds, AsyncWorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, and WorldGuard are using the most CPU

    If you can get rid of SuperVanish and MoreSounds that might help a lil with WorldGuard reduce your world regions if you can AsyncWorldEdit install it when you need it
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  12. Change the server settings back to the default settings.... something is odd it like your server cannot keep up.. those settings should have improved performance not made it worse...

    Keep view distance at 4
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  13. Change the capacity of players?
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  14. why the capacity of players?, so fluffy i have to setting back the spigot.yml, bukkit.yml and server.properties?
  15. Well one of the options as Frydoo suggested is changing the amount of players that can connect and that would be to 50 it seems your server is struggling with the amount of players. I don't know why if you have 32gb of ram & an E5 CPU it shouldn't be struggling.
  16. Maybe try changing the randomTickSpeed back to 20 (or less) if you've modified that. My server encountered insanely bad TPS and what took up the most space was doTick.

    This may not be the case, but just an idea...
  17. i have bungeecord and i set
    where is this 'randomtickspeed'?
  18. It's a game rule - /gamerule randomTickSpeed int
    You typically shouldn't really change it. 100 should be the maximum, 20 is normal. RandomTickSpeed kinda speeds stuff up in the world, so if your tickseed was like 50000 and you placed a seed down in the middle of nowhere with no water it would grow really fast.