Spigot WickedSkyWars 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1

Official Skywars Plugin of WickedCraft.net

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    WickedSkyWars - Official Skywars Plugin of WickedCraft.net

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  2. Theepwner


    Nice! The current skywars is really buggy and outdated. I'm going to try this asap. Is this fully bug tested as well?
  3. This is a build of the old skywars plugin with changes that let it work with 1.7.9
    This is a support build to keep servers running this plugin alive.

    Built with dependency on:

    Essentials reloaded Dev2.13.151.
    [WorldEdit version 5.7-SNAPSHOT (Tested on 5.7-SNAPSHOT:3021-6262fe3,master)
    Multiverse-Core (Tested with Version: 2.5-b677)

    No UUID support added yet.
    Bunch of features added.
    Complete code rewrite underway soon.
    Auto map schematic checker. auto adds maps to config properly. (Tested with over 100 different maps)
    Force starting costs money. (prevents people from abusing command)
    Force starting locks out any new players from joining the game. (Gives players time to buy kits)

    Locked chests now count as chests that are filled.
    Double chests when broken to single chest become filled with loot. ( Hidden chest feature)
    Map spawn point detection algorithm less likely to glitch.
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  4. I'm so glad you have brought this to Spigot, excited to start using it.
  5. Demonly


    Very happy that this is officially on Spigot, much better here than at Bukkit ;P If you need someone to help you write informals and everything for the front page, don't hesitate to send me a PM, I am more than happy to assist in anything you'd need!
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  6. (This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.)
    No it hasn't! Stop putting word in my mouth!
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  7. What's been happening with it? o_O

    Can you copy the bukkit info into here? There isn't much documentation at the moment :p
  8. They did remove it?

    I still have a copy if anyone wants it, msg me.
  9. Good work! Glad that you were able to continue developing this. Let me know if you need any assistance. I can't code, but I am quite capable of writing.
  10. Is the version that's up now an updated version or the previous version? Thanks for taking over and bringing it to Spigot!
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  11. arnofrutos


    Do you really need essentials to let this plugin work?
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  12. finally found a good skywars plugin:D
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  13. I need to set islands per row to 1 because the islands are spawning in eachother but now i have in 10 minutes 300 islands can you remove the unused worlds?
  14. Gave this version a try yesterday and found out that this works really well and has some nice new configs. Fixes the schematic generation too. Thanks!
  15. Is new plugin open source?
  16. yes and no, I am merely using the old plugin as a crutch to stand with keep eveyones servers running before I rewrite all the code. trying to figure out licensing, legalities to fallow, the best method to release my code, github gitlab etc and what ticket system to use for support. Lots of work involved while trying to update my servers and update code at the same time.

    New Rewrite will be 100% backwards compatible with the original plugin.
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  17. Are there permissions nodes for the kits and for admins ect?
  18. Theepwner


    It's basically the same as the old outdated SkyWars-Plugin. Just look at documentation for that. There are a few differences in the config though.
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  19. FYI: Link to the old SkyWars is broken.
    Change: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skywars-plugin/SkyWars plugin
    To http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skywars-plugin/ (remove the SkyWars%20plugin in the end).

    The plugin looks like a nice update. I've had people ask about adding it into our minigames server, but as noticed before, it's quite old and buggy. I'll keep an eye on your project until you have more of the recoding done before I start tinkering. At least by then, I'll have more free time this summer from a couple college summer classes.

    Question: Is the scoreboard only show to those in the game (active/dead), or the whole server? If the whole server, is there a way to allow players to toggle it on/off for themselves, similar to mcmmo, or global off via config?
  20. The scoreboard is only shown to players in game.
    There is a issue where it is removed when player looses the game but the game is still going, so they dont see the end result of the game.