Spigot WickedSkyWars 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1

Official Skywars Plugin of WickedCraft.net

  1. A lot of players are asking for spectator mode, to be able to join an in progress game and watch the game. Any way this could be possible?
  2. I had the same problem... but you can download premade skywars map schematics from a lot of places... I would have rather made my own maps but it works..
  3. Should we continue to use this plugin or will there be an updated release and bug fix soon?
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  4. have you not read a single post I have done?
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  5. I have, I'm aware you are busy. I have also been patient for months, can you give us an eta?
  6. I have been working on a brand new death tracking system will have custom stats for each death event. This system even includes a knockback tracking system to detect who did what more accurately. The stats will have both given and dealt info stored in the database.
    This is a TON of code to test and is only just the start.

    Spectator Game mode is being added with the ability to watch games after you die and just to watch games friends are in or random games.
    New commands to see what games are happening with what players. Might add friend tracking.

    Leader Boards with heads are being added slowly with the new damage and death stats.

    Database cache system is in the works that makes the load on the database go down. More speed for more players.

    Did I mention Team Skywars? 2+ players per team :)
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  7. Amazing, simply amazing ;) That's a lot of great updates, looking forward to seeing it in the future.
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  8. Have you looked into BattleTracker? I think it has an API and would make that a lot easier
  9. I'm not sure if you mentioned it but the way skywars reloaded handles maps would be a great improvement as well. Its so hard to edit the maps "outside" the plugin with crappy ass McEdit or WorldEdit.
  10. Hello can you add me on skype ID: ii_alhamli or put your skype ill add you i want to tell you something important can you ??
  11. I'm sorry, this is an excellent plug-in, but I would like to ask a few questions to developer personally, the fact that I'm using version 1.7.2, and new versions of your plug-in give some errors. So I advise plugin version 1.7.2, and if there are mistakes then I am willing to pay even a little developer for their fix. Possible?
  12. Just use LeaderHeads. i do on my skywars reloaded server its amazing players love it, btw ur plugin has a memory leak. ram slowly fills up & ur plugin also causing TPS drops, this all happens after server has been online for abit
  13. Hello,

    I love the plugin, but the schematic loading takes very long. I have a 1GB server, and I have seen servers where the map loading takes less then 1 second. Would it help if I upgrade the server?

    Thanks in advance,
  14. How to put enchanted items con chest.yml?
  15. Will be maybe updates become? and fixing bugs?
  16. normal players cant choose kits?
    want permissions do i need?
  17. Looking forward for the update.
    Are there going to be bungee support? :)
  18. would be interesting if you add up the option to choose the name of the item will be given by the kit ... please add it
  19. How can I create a kit?
  20. Hey supporter, This plugin is working fine but the problem is with the schematics is that I put like 2 schematics and it says. "There are no schematics avaliable". I was wandering that if you can add me on skype and Ill show you my screen. The problem is only that and yeah. Please read this message and I will accept your skype request.

    Skype-->: jermaine102499