Spigot WickedSkyWars 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1

Official Skywars Plugin of WickedCraft.net

  1. How goes the testing..?
  2. All plugins for SkyWars are old or not updated or many of bugs or abandoned and inactive developers so no one plugin for that type of game are for now good with bug less.... im so sorry about that :(
  3. not gonna happen :eek:
  4. Yeah really really bugged, but this still works.. fuuu i don't want to change plugin.. there is a lot of configuration to do with maps. If this breaks with 1.9 i think i will move to survival games, or similar
  5. when i drop it in my plugin folder it only creates config.yml and a messages.yml help plz
  6. Permissions please.Players don't has permission join to arena
  7. How's this going :D
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  8. So is this plugin ever going to be active again?
  9. With no mini updates or dev builds or responses I highly doubt it.
  10. Thought so :(
  11. Nope.
  12. can you possibly add join signs that would be fine for my server
  13. so what seems to not work on here? i downloaded this plugin and set it up with a lobby and a map and it all worked fine?
    can you guys tell me the bugs you're having?

    btw i dont use mysql
  14. I haven't had any issues as well, however other people are having issues because of other plugins interfering. However I don't recommend this plugin at the moment, as the developer said, he's working on major changes. Until then, I recommend SkyWarsReloaded. It has almost no dependencies - on the contrary to this plugin - and is being fully recoded at the moment. It's better on the internal side and actually improved my Player Count significantly. Would highly recommend.


    Also, another important thing to note is that the last time the Developer of WickedSkyWars was on Spigot was 11 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it's practically abandoned at this point.
  15. hmm the only reason i like this plugin is because it has that auto join feature where
    it puts the players in the game/glass and not /sw join or step on a play and you're just put in a queued
    waiting in the lobby.
  16. Well, SkyWarsReloaded has the pressure plate feature, and no it does not take you to a separate lobby, that was an older version. However it does have a Lobby feature that could be enabled if need-be.
  17. @haxtormoogle everything working but one thing thats annoying

    how to remove those Villager noises and the anvil when the game is about to start?

    i like the *tink* *tink* noises fro 5-1 seconds.