Spigot WiiPay 1.2

pay groups and players at a regular configurable interval!

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  1. KingDannyOne submitted a new resource:

    WiiPay - pay groups and players at a regular configurable interval!

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  2. Thanks for updating! Just what i need >:)
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  3. o k
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  4. the funny thing is this plugin is against the eula (pay to win)
  5. i dont think fhat theyre paying with real money
  6. if the owner of the server sells rank for irl money and has this plugin thats (pay2win)
  7. Nope, it's the own decision of the server owner to configure a payment for a rank, it can be the same for everyone. So it isn't directly against the EULA.
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  8. well what i said:
    it would be against
  9. again it would make no difference everyone getting the same. i would be like none gets money
  10. Yes 'you want' but the owners of RPG servers, prison servers etc want to pay their players every time.. they want... This discussion is quite useless. ;)
  11. The salt is really on this kid.
    Answer spigot is the minecraft server jar and you agree to the EULA though spigot
  12. Question, is the player only payed when they are playing? Or are payed if they are on the server or not?
  13. They must be online on the server. ;)
  14. Alright, another question. Will they miss their salary if they miss that time being online even by a couple minutes?
  15. Unfortunately, yes if you have the time set to 3600, the server will pay every hour to the players who are online. You have to be lucky really.. :p
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    Old + New jar

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  17. @MrChiller910 is the new developer! I remain the leader of this beautiful project.

    Thanks MrChiller to join my ship! :p
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