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    Hi all!

    Thanks to contributions made by our members, we now have a page that helps users understand the timings feature that Spigot has.
    The page contains information on how to use the timings feature, as well as how to read them once parsed using Aikar's timings parser.

    Please see the said page at http://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/timings/

    With Regards,

    Credits to vemacs and Salaman at the time of writing!
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  2. PhanaticD


    hooray finally
  3. thanks, and tried killing the bug close to 6 times.
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  4. I just smacked my screen to get that dam bug!
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  5. Nice only 2 comments on this are about the bug in his signature, Good info on that page though, I would like to see it include what all the different types of lag are, or maybe some of the most common and how to identify them.
  6. Wow, this is a great read. Everyone who will read this will be glad they did to solve those pesky lag spikes (and smash their monitor while they are at it)
  7. Thanks @vemacs and @Salaman for your hard work on here!
    We really appreciate it!

    ~ ElieTGM // Einshtein
    - SFCraft Network
  8. bug freaked me out for a second lol damn u but good post :)
  9. Good post, That bug though :)
  10. Good Post
  11. Nice guide there! You really helped a lot of people out :)
  12. I think there's a bug with your signature, @brajo !
    Lol. I'm a very punny guy.
  13. great tutorial nice job
  14. Thank you for this!

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