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  1. Translation from Hexcept:

  2. I would recommend doing a page on server properties. I would do it, but I don't have permission to add another page.
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    Of course not, collaboration is the whole point of wikis ^^
  5. I edited it a little. Please let me know if I did anything wrong, I am open to criticism. You also need to add a link to it on the Spigot Wiki page. I was also looking at the Plugins page and I have a little criticism for that. I think it should have a link to Bukkit Plugins. I believe this because Bukkit carries more user created plugins than Spigot does. I am not saying that Bukkit is better than Spigot, but we should use them as a resource. I want to provide Spigot users with the best experience possible and I think we can do this by making more plugins available to them.
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  6. I am writing a several page long in depth guide of all the steps to creating a Spigot server from creating to advertising to picking staff. I am very excited to share it once it is completed.
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    Sounds awesome :)
  8. Hi,
    in order to translate the wiki, is there a specifical way to do it (like wikipedia; on the left you can pick the same page in different language) ?
    Or do I have to create a new with an different title which indicates the language ?
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    Based on one of the current translations (Dutch), you should create a new page with the Link URL matching the English version of the page, and add a dash and the two letter language code (ISO 639-1) to the end, like the Dutch page linked above.
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  10. I have posted it for Bukkit. I am moving it to its own website though. I plan to guide people through making their own server through email/Skype/chat on the website.
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    That seems like it will be a daunting task if you're not going to be paid for it. :p
  12. Meh, I like helping people, when I first tried to make a server nobody really tried & help me. I couldn't find an extremely detailed guide of everything you could do with the server. So guess I will make one now :3
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    Oh, you made it sound like you were going to offer some kind of live support site for people setting up their servers… :p
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    It's just you.

    Edit: Oh wait, I'm just dumb
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