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  1. Gonna speed this up. Any specific reason we don't have a Bukkit/Spigot Wikipedia page? I'd gladly contribute to it often, as I'm sure would many others. I'm creating this thread to ask that question and also begin discussions to possibly create a page for it. No, this "idea" is not another "Skype Developer's Chat" that'll be abandoned in a few days. Go for it, I'll start the article.

    Oh and if you're gonna bash it, at least know what you're talking about. I'm not in the mood for more wars that result in nothing and a thread lock (/EULA).
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    Speaking as an occasional Wikipedia editor:

    SpigotMC isn't really notable in the eyes of Wikipedia. The article would most likely be met with deletion.
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  3. You'll probably get a RFD tagged the second you make the article lol

    Edit: looks like someone already deleted it c:

    You could probably add it in as a subsection of the Minecraft article, but that'll probably get deleted as well.
  4. Yea.. any of us can go create an article. I wanted information such as this:
    Anyway. I'd think that for something with such a large online presence, we could get it established on Wikipedia. Oh well, if no one is seriously interested in contributing to it, there is no point.

    Good laugh and why Wikipedia isn't the best system:
  5. Lol that article is a blatant advertisement. You should go submit a RFD for it :3
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    Good potential SEO tho.