Spigot Wilderness-Tp 4.0.1

Teleports to random location with cost and cooldown

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    WildernessTp - Teleports to random loactaion

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  2. Don't hook into Minecraft's logger.
    null your plugin instance in onDisable to prevent memory leaks.
    Spigot automatically prints out a plugin loaded upon load.

    could just be JD-GUI but if not, use primitive boolean types instead of the Object, uses less memory.

    Don't use caps in package name: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/codeconventions-150003.pdf

    Good work though. You could even setup a method that loads a chunk if it isn't loaded already, for the sake of things.
  3. Ok that's for the suggestions you told me a few things I didnt know as I have only recently started coding plugins and the boolean thing is only cause in previous programs I have made I would rarely use booleans will push out update as soon as I can with your suggestions.
  4. Many will just throw off such suggestions and continue on, I love hearing what you just said.

    The secret trick to all of it is to simply search and learn.
  5. Yep and what does not using capitals in package name have to do with anything besides considering common coding producer and when you say don't hook into Minecraft's logger what do you mean as I do use the logger to prevent errors in the console when console tries using /wild and not /wild player.
  6. One planned update is making it to where you can set the max x and z value. But before I make that I need to practice with configs more. Also I am looking for a new plugin to make so if you have ideas PM me
  7. Package names, just best to use best practice, I'm sure they have valid reason for this, I would guess something to do with capitals affecting things when being read.

    Minecraft's logger is minecraft's logger. https://bukkit.org/threads/reading-the-minecraft-logger.118201/#post-1469508
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  9. I do need suggestions for a new plugin and in order to push out the previous update I didnt update /wild player only /wild will have the next update out in a matter of hours
  10. Update the newest version is still on hold but it will include setting a min for X and Z so you can do negative numbers and not just positive also unloaded chunk no teleportation is likely to be temporarily removed.
  11. I just installed this yesterday with the most recent update.

    The plugin is recognized on my server and it does generate a folder for itself.

    However, when a player (member or owner rank, any and all do not work) go to use the /wild command with the proper perm node given, it will not teleport said player.

    Any idea on what to do...?
  12. Yea I do believe that version you may be using is glitched I didnt do enough testing on it
  13. I will most likely be releasing a new version here in a little over a hour and half I need to test it and I can't atm if I don't release it in an hour and a half it means that it is still glitched in the mean time please use the first version that is in the update page

    just had time to test my dev build and stilis glitch please use the first version possible to download
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  15. As always suggestions are welcomed and please report any bugs you find also suggestions for a new plugin are welcomed too.
  16. Suggestion: I think for aesthetic value, giving an option to use a portal for rtp (like you would with the sign method, but using a portal) would be awesome.
  17. There is no sign method in my plugin yet but I will try add that soon but idk about a portal
  18. Whoops my bad, i had been looking at another plugin, haha.

    If you look at any of the other portal teleport plugin's that are out there, i think that could give you an idea.