Spigot Wilderness-Tp 4.0.2

Teleports to random location with cost and cooldown

  1. Having an issue with Multiverse

    In one world I can use the signs fine but in another it's telling me I can't?
  2. im also getting an internal error when i try to make a portal
  3. You need to setup the config for that.

    You need to do /wtp wand and then make a region like you would with world edit
  4. I have a suggestion.
    Maybe it might be easier instead of having the add-on, make it so each portal can go to a specifc world in the default plugin & config?
  5. I have considered just adding the features of the add-on to the main plugin but it would take a large rewrite, for now, the add-on is the easiest solution for me. Once summer comes I will probably just merge them.
  6. <3 You're fine, just a suggestion.
  7. which config? looking in both cant find anything
  8. doing /wtp wand didn't do anything either
  9. It should have given you a wooden axe named Wildtp wand.
    And in the wild config you need to add the world to the worlds: section
  10. Idk what was going on, everythings working fine now thanks
  11. You're welcome, happy to help
  12. Are you still having these issues?
  13. None of the demo servers are up :p

    Pro tip: Servers ending with pro.host, host, xyz, mcpro are not gonna stay up for long
  14. Thanks for letting me know.Pastrealms is mine but the domain messed up on me so Ill update it
  15. We're using it at play.swecraft.net at the Vanilla server.

    It's whitelist atm tho, testing it out ;)
  16. Qball updated Wilderness-Tp with a new update entry:

    More Hooks

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. I had to disable "/wild" and "/rtp" in my End and Nether Worlds, because in the End it sometimes teleports you in the Void, and in the Nether it sometimes teleports you in the Lava or you get stuck in Blocks and suffocate. Only in the normal World it works fine (apart from the Fact that sometimes you are stuck 1 Block deep in the Ground after you've teleported, but that's acceptable compared to the Problems in End & Nether).
    That was already the Case in previous Versions of the Plugin, not just the current one.

    Spigot 1.11.2
  18. Is it possible to add in more regions in the same world?

    I'd like to have four different regions in my world :D
  19. I've been meaning to get around to this problem but, either never have the time or I forget. I will try to fix this as soon as I can.

    What do you mean by regions?
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  20. minZ, minX, maxZ, maxX x4

    minZ: 0
    minX: 0
    maxZ: 2000
    maxX: 2000

    minZ: -2000
    minX: -2000
    maxZ: 0
    maxX: 0

    minZ: -2000
    minX: -2000
    maxZ: -4000
    maxX: -4000

    minZ: 2000
    minX: 2000
    maxZ: 4000
    maxX: 4000

    Edit: this might not be a perfect example.. lel, Don't know if these go together.