Spigot Wilderness-Tp 3.15.2

Teleports to random location with sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI

  1. You mean four worlds?
  2. Can you add world boarder support please? it keep attempting to push players to the boarder but world boarder doesn't let it happen
  3. It doesn't have official world border support but it does have a range and I'd be happy to help you setup the range if you pm me your world border config.
  4. Hey Qball,

    Possible suggestion. Can you make it so players could /wild to a specific area like North, South etc or to a particular biome such as tundra ,taiga, jungle etc?

    Something like:
    /wild north
    /wild jungle

  5. The biome yes not so sure about the direction
  6. my players are sometimes getting put in creative mode when they go through a wild portal
  7. That's odd but I don't think that there is anyway that could be caused by my plugin as I don't touch what gamemode a player is in.
  8. Can you verify this isn't being caused by any other sources i.e. other plugins?
  9. i uninstalled everything else still happens lol its a little funny i was letting you know just so u knew
    besides i still love your plugin
    also it only does it with the portals
  10. Weird as I don't touch the method to change gamemode
  11. if i figure it out ill let you know so far its only doing it on the first use for each player
  12. Ok Ill have to test this to believe it myself do you mind pming me your ip?
  13. Hey,

    I was thinking that from the spawn area players could click a sign to send them in a general direction like North with the plugin sending them in a mostly -Z direction. East is +X, South is +Z and West is -X. I think those are correct.

  14. Ill look into that and confirm it if so I can surely add some security checks
  15. Hey,
    Do i need to set every single wilderness spawnpoint with this plugin
    or does it work with random coordinates?
    - Jens
  16. It uses a range to find a random location but, you have to set the range for each world
  17. I've added the biome selector try out this test build https://github.com/Qballl/WildernessTp/raw/master/target/WildTp.jar I haven't tested it myself yet so please report back to me with the results. Also there is a tab completeor for the biomes.
  18. I didn't realise it didn't adhere to the world border or max-world-size. Quickly fixed tho by adding the values to the config.

    I tried a few command like /wild MUSHROOM_ISLAND and /wild BIRCH_FOREST but always was thrown to a random location in any biome. There are no message in the console.

  19. Well I'll see if I can fix this
  20. I have fixed it you can redownload with the link above or here https://github.com/Qballl/WildernessTp/raw/master/target/WildTp.jar