Will 200mbps be sufficient?

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  1. I am getting a server and am able to afford a 1GBPS connection however it will be easier to get a 200mbps connection.. Will 200mbps handle a DOS attack or should I go ahead with the 1GBPS?
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    200mbps is a nice amount but a DDOS attack can still bring you down.

    You will need some sort of protection like Intreppid. ;)
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    200mbps will be good enough for up to a 200mbps ddos attack. Every attack varies really. I strongly suggest you get a 1Gbps connection if you do get ddosed commonly. You will not regret it. Otherwise, 200mbps is fine.
  4. Alrighty I know we got taken down by some kid with a home connection with 100mbps so I might as well just bite the bullet and pay 50 bucks more.. Hell I get more ram with that package anyways.
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    I assume your getting OVH?
  6. Yes, I was going to go for another provider. But i've had great success with them the past few months and something told me to just go with them instead.
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    I use OVH and they never let me down. They do offer some sort of free protection against ddos attacks. They also offer a decent deal for what you pay. Just horrible support
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  8. When I need support it's OK. How do I get this free protection?

    I got the EG1 server, Seems to be a great looking server.
  9. VAC protection is offered on all OVH packages for free and by default. They offered it to me in the America's, not sure about the UK.
  10. I'm in the US ordered from the US site I didn't hear anything about this.. You sure it comes by "default"
  11. A screenshot of a support rep's response.
  12. I'll go ahead and ask them about this.
  13. Alright, I've got another question. I am going to setup this server with a new approach. I want the best use of my resources.

    I've used the following.

    - MinecraftServerControlScript. Best resource usage, Worst compatibility.
    - MSM. Worst resource usage, Best compatibility.
    - minecraft-init, Basically MSM without the compatibility and some more tidbits.
    - Mark2. seems to be overly complicated.
    I'd like to stay away from control panels. As all of my staff now how to use SSH etc etc.
  14. I use bash for server management, its surprisingly minimalist, efficient, and powerful. Dabo Ross was a huge help! Thanks Dabo :)
  15. uhm... by bash I assume you mean the terminal itself? That's what I've been talking about. All the scripts I mentioned where bash apart from mark2
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    The only problem tho at the moment, is that there supply lines are on tap and there's barely any room for them to put a server out within a day. I've ordered two extra dedis and they still have yet to arrive. SP-2's to be exact as my network is getting larger and i don't want to run out of room. "Buy before you need!"
  17. I hope they get some space, or make another BHS, they get loads of servers in.

    I need to get an SP-2 within the 3-5 month in 2014, do you think they will have space, or have cleared their back log by then?
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    They can handle 360k servers there. They probably will have space by then. BHS is mentally scalable.
  19. The thing about OVH is, since they are a budget provider a lot of the people renting servers will end up not renewing them, Therefore room becomes avaliable

    My box was delivered within 1 hour.
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    I'm one of the people who renew them monthly. I've been with them for months now. Never let me down then again that might just be me.