Will anything happen if a cracked and online user with the same name play together

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  1. Hey!
    So the title might be a bit weird but what I mean is, if I have an offline server that you can join via a cracked account (because it's offline) but also via a proxy (bungee for example) that does verify the users with Mojang (online mode). If someone joins the server direct with a cracked account with the name "JustAName" and the real user "JustAName" joins via the online proxy, will anything happen? I'm not planning on doing this but I was just curious. They've got the same name but a different UUID, will anything happen?
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  2. Yes, I believe the one that is currently online will be kicked (that is, if you allow offline users (which you shouldn't)).
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  3. Isn't that only when the UUID is the same?
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    but the UUID is the same because you decided to turn off the authentication server so the UUID is generated by the name.

    I am assuming you dont run your server in bungee mode, because then you wouldnt be able to join without bungee.

    but why bother, if you decide you want to allow ppl that pirate minecraft to join your server, why do you also need bungee with auth enabled?
  5. People might be able to join through an offline bungee or an online bungee. Then the UUIDs won't be the same right?

    EDIT: spigot will be in bungee mode