Will it run without any lags?

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  1. Hello there,

    I'm going to buy VPS that will run minecraft server with 100+ players, around 50 plugins (one of them is PlotSquared).
    Minecraft server is running on Paperspigot 1.9.2 and I'm wondering how much RAM do I need to run it without any lags and problems.

    I've seen OVH offer called: "VPS CLOUD RAM 3"
    offer here: https://www.ovh.ie/vps/vps-cloud-ram.xml

    2 questions:
    Will it run smoothly?
    Any other hostings with cheaper offer and stable servers?

    Sorry for my english, It's not fine yet.
  2. Depends, will all players be on one server, how big is the world, how many chunks loaded, how many entities.
    Think if it for around 1G for every 10 players generally, this can go either way.
    Depends on a load of other factors.
    Generally around 10G for 100 players, most likely a bit more for 50 plugins.
  3. I run 100 on 1.5G steady 19-20 TPS. RAM is hardly ever the issue, it's almost always CPU. OVH Cloud VPS's are not meant for high profile loads that running a Minecraft server with 100 players would cause, you're talking about numerous virtual servers running on a single box.
  4. So what do you recommend? All worlds are worldbordered with exception for PlotSquared world.
    I count on hosting located in Europe. Freebuild type. I've got budget around 30euro.
  5. With extreme optimization you could run 100 on a VPS but that's just a guess. If you have 100 players you should be looking towards a dedicated server. If you only currently plan on having 100 in the future, start small and expand from there.
  6. Sadly it's 100 players already day by day, but I decided to change hosting due to lot of uptime problems. If we're talking about dedicated servers, SYS will be good solution? I heard many good and bad reviews about it. // I wanted to run small teamspeak 3 with 30 slots on it also.

    This: https://www.soyoustart.com/ie/offers/e3-sat-1.xml ?
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  7. Cloud RAM VPS is not meant for a gaming server (i dont think it is even allowed). it has RAM and basically nothing else: the CPU will be terrible and highly shared.

    A VPS for 100 players is itself a bad idea, you would want a cheaper (25$ a month?) dedicated server, most likely.
  8. 100 players? Eh get a dedi for better performance
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    I'd get the game servers from SYS. They are pretty good and I have zero issues with the i7 and 32GB of RAM. Good buy.
  10. They aren't specialized. They made a special serie for game servers, nothing special...
  11. I wouldn't run a Minecraft server on that. The CPU seems pretty weak from a quick glance. As people have recommended, SYS has a similar priced product line which would be effective for your situation.
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    I'd preferably choose a dedicated server from Psychz or SecuredServers with 100+ concurrent players
  13. SecuredServers is not the cheapest option. Usually if you're choosing something from OVH, especially their cloud VPS range, you need to be on a budget. And I would not choose Psychz after reading this.
  14. I have 32gb RAM, i7 4ghrtz (cant remember cores) 3tb HDD runs 100+ players at 20tps with 25 plugins