Will the EULA Effect The Marketing Of Plugins?

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  1. Do you think selling plugins will eventually go against the EULA? It IS making money off of their game in the end... what do you guys think - will Mojang eventually start enforcing some sort of agreement on plugins?
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  2. Not EULA complaint plugins will drop in sales... I think so...

    Plugins that did think of the EULA should be getting more sales...
  3. I'm talking about literally Mojang enforcing certain plugins to be removed and stuff
  4. Oh... In that way, mmmmh, I think Spigot has to change their rules for that too happen, I think, that no plugins will be removed cos of not being EULA complaint, if you do you remove a lot of creative ways people make epic ideas reality...

    For example, you can use a plugin in a non EULA complaint way, but you can also use it in a EULA complaint way, and if you were to remove it then we have to get plugins specifically made for the EULA, but we don't want that.
  5. Ya that's what I was thinking. I still thing Mojang will eventually do something that blocks selling plugins because they don't like people profiting off their game in certain ways. We'll see what happens :3