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  1. Hey!

    (Sorry for my crappy english haha)

    I was thinking of a way to reduce our ddos protection costs. I'm just wondering if this will work:

    We have 4 servers right now, All running on the same machine. We want to add a new machine which will run the bungeecord and the Hub server.

    People will connect to the bungee which will connect them to the Hub server. From there they can chose an other server which will be running on a different machine.

    This is why I'm wondering if it will work or not:

    I had a server running in France (test server) and one in Dallas Texas. The server in Texas runs the bungee. I noticed that when I connected the test server through the bungee I had a lot more ping than when I directly connected to the test server.

    Does this mean the server in france has to send all the data to the server in Texas first before I will receive it? If so, this means my idea won't work... because it won't reduce the bandwidth useage on the ddos protected server right?

    Any help would be appreciated :)

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    There will be latency, a decent amount of it.
  3. MHhh. Even if we have an other server at the same host?
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    If they are located closer the latency will be less.
  5. Same host lets say closer than 100 ft ;) haha

    Anyways. Will it reduce the bandwidth?
  6. joehot200


    No. Just latency.
  7. Btw, How do those big servers handle this? Do they have all their servers running on the same machine?
  8. They normally have 2 machines in the same database, then they only have a small latency.
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