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Will you use it?

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  1. Hi,
    I will create a website/forum for Resource Packs, Adventure Maps, Skins, Command Block Creations etc
    Most of the current websites for these are are not very organised.
    Some adventure map list websites don't even tell you how many players the map is intended for.
    And a lot of resource packs are rip offscopied by users and are marked as the wrong version to get users to download so they can get money from ads on the download pages. Users can upload their own resourcepacks, maps and plugins but their upload are moderated, and previously they need to complete information like: Supported players, Supported versions of mc of the map/plugin, dependencies, etc.
    That type of website will be great for our Minecraft community. If you say yes, I will start coding the website.​
    Thank you!

    PD: If you can give me a name for the website :p

    Thank you @SeanMe for the idea :D
  2. Name for website: MC Resource Hub?

    Just remember, having intrusive advertisements will hurt the website's integrity and less people will use it. IF you're planning to use advertisements (to upkeep the costs of running the website) you better make damn sure those advertisements are appropriately placed so it doesn't bother the user.

    Also, if its possible, don't let those "scamming"advertisements litter the website. The ones where they say "You have a virus, click here to remove!" or "Your download is ready, click here to download!". Crap like that won't be good for the website and users will hate it.

    You have a good idea going here.
  3. I dont put ads on my websites ;)
  4. Name: ResHub

    I would recommend using a forum software called "XenForo" for it as it is really clean (I know SpigotMC use this) and I have a version saved on my desktop. You can also make income from it by setting up donation groups.

    EG: A donation group called "Diamond" could have the ability to lock their own threads and post in places where default users cannot.

    Could I help you set it up?
  5. Senpaiii! xD
    Yeah! You can set it up, but please enable PM or send me your skype​

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  6. Hey!
    Thank you for your reply.
    Here you can see a map post of a user ("Unitled_Builders"), but where are the "Built for X Minecraft version/s", max players, and other information for the end user. My website has that type of important information for the end user. For example, Minecraft YouTubers need to test all the Minecraft versions with the map to guess the correct Minecraft Version.

    Also here, you can see the navbar of Planet Minecrat, but there is no "Resources", etc.. so my website can be useful for minecraft community.
    Thank you
  7. I'm sure you'd be able to create a much better website. Planetminecraft is a bloated mess running on pure potato power.

    But i'd still most likely end up using planetminecraft due to the large amount of assets already available on it.

    Edit: Also, what do you plan on coding this website in? If you're a JAVA developer i HIGHLY recommend Spring MVC. It's an incredible framework and is unbelievably fast. It also does 70% of the boring work (Such as exception handling, and dependency injection) for you.
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  8. Tux


    Oh god, you're going to suggest Spring, out of all the things available?!?

    My money is on this guy using PHP as a templating engine.
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  9. Are you kidding me?! Spring is absolutely amazing! I've tried everything, Play!, struts2, spark, and another framework called ninja (i never really had the time to test ninga out much so i can't say much). Spring also has MANY other modules such as spring-security.

    I also love the mvc style. It keeps your business logic isolated and is just incredibly easy to organize.
  10. Tux


    When I see "Spring", I think "XML Hell".
  11. Tux


    Alright, I do realize Spring supports Java-based configuration. Still not my thing.

    The layout that (e.g.) Spark lays out bests me best. I'd like to have some basic building blocks, but not the entire package (which Spring obviously favors).
  12. Honestly, i hate XML aswell. Most frameworks use it though so I've learned to deal with it. Thankfully, however, Spring allows java configuration which generally consists of just a builder.

    Yeah Spring is defiantly NOT light xD.
  13. Sorry, I don't allow anyone to DM me. I have already contacted you though.