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  1. I accidentaly install win 8.1 Enterprise cracked now well, because of my dumbness, i haven't find out how to install win 10 (Pro version yet)

    Can anyone help? I am trying to upgarde without losing data T_T
  2. No support from me, and most other people on the forum, we only use legit software...
  3. Damn, trying to turn from cracked into legal
    Edit: How the hell it was informative?
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  4. Buy it from Amazon?
  5. I find that ironic as you've been caught using leaked XF before.
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  6. *Banbeucmas go to a room corner and cries*
    I don't have a bank account...
  7. Buy it at a computer store?
  8. You think I can get any computer store while i am at a countryside?, It takes hour to go to computer store since i need to go to a city
    Edit/P.S: I am even using a DCOM 3G USB r now
  9. You cant upgrade pirated OSes to legit windows 10.

    Too bad you missed the completely free windows 10 pro license that MS gave to everyone who used it before the release last july..
  10. *Heartbroken*
  11. Try to do a system restore back in time before you updated to the cracked version.
  12. pirate win10.

    I had to do this when my win8 upgrader wouldn't update

    (I had already bought win8 btw.)
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  13. Wait, how?
  14. you'll have to add me on skype, don't think I'm allowed to post it here.
    ogstripper is my skype
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  15. You can just download windows 10 from microsoft directly, all you need is a product key from an earlier (legit) version of windows 7 or 8 (maybe even vista)

    Product key finder. You can also get it out of the registry if you know how to read hex or binary.

    Download link for the program that creates a windows installer USB/ISO

    Opening your bios or boot-menu during startup (F2, F10 or ESC, usually,) lets you select the USB as a drive to boot from, the windows installer will run, giving options to repair, erase a drive and install cleanly, or upgrade.
  16. Considering I don't have skype right now (My phone suck TBH), I would add you when i have my lap
  17. For me.
    I love win10.
    I had win7 but I forced the upgrade
  18. Make sure you run SpyBot Anti-Beacon here there is also a video about it here