Solved Winning fly in crates, how??

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  2. A Voucher plugin
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    Timed/temporary permissions.

    Almost all popular permissions plugins have such a feature. Once the item is clicked or won the timed permission command is executed effectively giving the player fly, or whatever else, for the duration specified.
  4. Indeed. You can easily search for one
    There are many available
  5. It typically removes fly when they quit the server and then log back in
  6. Have you tried googling it?
  7. After 24hrs make them execute the fly command to disable fly before their permission gets taken away from them
  8. Correct. If they are offline after the 24hr period is over. They will no longer have access to fly. If they login before the period is over and they stay online, executing the fly command right before the 24hr period is over will ensure they will no longer have access to fly
  9. But what i dont understand is how do you excute the fly command after 24hours? to disable fly. I dont think luck perms can do this.