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    Wipeout - Minigame - Wipeout come to minecraft as minigame

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  2. You should make a video so we can see it in action, or even a test server.
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  3. Soooo, a parkour plugin? Nice though.
  4. Ha lol, nice plugin ;)
  5. You right I'll make a video more few days
  6. :eek:
    Remember this Game? i waching this game for TV i love this game. Test server please !
  7. will ve video im not sure if will be test server :(
    but if someone will buy the plugin and put it on his server i'll give the ip :)
  8. This looks really fun :D
    Any video of it being used?
  9. tomorrow test server and more 2 days video :)
  10. Epic! cant wait! i love the tv show :rolleyes:
  11. how does the shop work exactly players on my server dont seem to be gaining any money and the shop seems to do nothing it may be my setup any help would be greatly apriciated
  12. you can add me on skype : rotmavitan i'll help you
    and the shop will be ready more few days
    i'm working on this
    there is now
  13. If you still need a test server, PM me.
  14. i dont need but thank you
    i wait for someone else that need to come tomorrow and then i'll post video and ip for test server
    but thank you :_
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  15. video uploaded