witch is better for hosting a server

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Witch is better for hosting

  1. A: 4ghz i7 6700k, 24gb of 1866mhz ram with hard disk drive

  2. B: 3.7ghz R7 1700, 32gb of 2666mhz ram with solid state drive

  1. i need to know witch is better for hosting a server

    A. i7 6700k at 4.0ghz with 24gb of 1866mhz ram and a hard disk drive
    B. R7 1700 at 3.7ghz with 32gb of 2666mhz ram and a ssd
  2. 7700k has a better single thread rating
  3. The server is a bungeecord network with 8 servers
  4. i made a typo
    i ment 6700k
  5. 6700k still has a better single thread, but with that many servers you will be better using the amd cpu tho for the extra cores and threads, otherwise you will bottleneck the shit outta your network
  6. SSD all the way. Don't even look at HDDs if you are going to have many servers.

    World loading and world generation is relatively slow on HDD.