witch/which dedicated server/servers will be good (50 servers + bungee)

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    i'm wounder witch machine would be better for network that will have

    30-40 minigame servers
    ~10 - survival servers
    + bungee
    + mysql

    i'm wounder how big machine do i need :

    a. 64 GB RAM / 6 Core CPU ?
    b. 128 GB RAM / 2 x 6 Core CPU ?
    c. 2 x machine each (64 GB RAM single or dual cpu).

    please post your suggestions.
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  2. I'm scared :(
    Should be which
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  3. How many people play your server?
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    OK but witch hardware ;)
  5. 128gb of ram one (guessing it's from ovh) will server for that
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    not sure about ovh meybe own server with collocation, how about processors for that ?
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    currently about 500-600 unique per day so its about ~20 online - right not - but i didnt start serous marketing yet
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    and it will be enouh for modded network too i'm thinking about 1.6.4 modded network on the same machine (4-6 servers) and 1.7.10 modded network (probably around 10 servers).
  9. For a modded server on that cpu? I think that's a bit overboard especially if your running a separate network on it...

    For the modded I recommend 2-3 dedicated servers running on 1230v3-1270v3

    For the normal network the 128gb one should suffice.
  10. I'd say go with 10 256gb DDR4 machines from OVh, a 10/100 lin ehwould be grt m8, but make sure to get the high quality OVH hddzzzzz.
  11. mom


    Uh, what's your server name?
  12. Minplexx mlg 359 pro gamr
  13. He did it AGAIN xD
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  14. minecraft7net


    i have two E5-2660v2

    now i'm looking for cheap motherboard.

    not sure i will have enough for server board witch can take more than 128GB of ram probably two motherboard without ECC each can take 64GB RAM.

    so i will have

    E5-2660 v2 - 64GB RAM NON-ECC 1600MHZ
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