With every new version spigot consumes more and more cpu

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Gerolf, May 13, 2016.

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  1. On 1.8 my serv could hold 15-20 players with no problems, with 1.9 it could hold 10 with no problems and now with 1.9.4 It loads 30% of cpu with only me online and I was just standing and doing nothing.
    Here's timings from 1.9 http://i.imgur.com/JBhT4Et.png 70% cpu load with 12 playes online. Now 30%cpu load with only me online. https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=16388552 Strange optimization, if it consumes more and more with every new version.

    problem gone with new version of spigot.jar Problem was in wrong chunks unload.
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  2. What are you hosting the server on? I mean hardware.
  3. MiniDigger


    maybe you are using more and more entities with every version?
    because the entites are what is currently slowing the server down.
  4. Cpu core 2 duo E8400, dedicated server. I know that it's old cpu, but the last generation i7 is twice as fast in single thread, that's mean same problems but with double players online, or double number of entities. I noticed that spigot on 1.9.4 don't unload unused chunks from memory and they consuming many resourses.
    Then i runned /lagg unloadchunks and everything returned to normal.
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    If chunks are not being unloaded, I would suspect this as a memory leak, particularly Player objects. I've seen many plugins come across my way that holds player objects in memory. Could also be a plugin, some plugins create fake players to achieve certain effects. Chunks are suppose to unload when a player is not nearby.
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