Solved Wolf and Iron Golem spawners FPS drop

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  1. I made a plugin that changes the type of placed spawners, but when the type is changed to a Wolf or Iron Golem, the FPS drops to oblivion. Heres a demonstration (watch the FPS on the top left):

    The one thing i noticed between these two types of spawners is that neither of them have the little spinny mob inside the spawner, so this makes me think that this is a minecraft bug maybe?

    The code i used to set the spawner type:

    Code (Java):
    BlockState blockState = block.getState();
    CreatureSpawner spawner = (CreatureSpawner) blockState;
  2. Maybe it´s because irongolems and wolfs aren´t creatures so they can´t be spawned by a creature spawner (I didn´t check this so it might be wrong)
    They definetly are, but i used the EntityType anyway, and that also contains wolfs and iron golems.

    Edit: Just to clarify, the spawner actually works and mobs spawn from it, the only problems is this FPS drop
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  4. Maybe because of the particles ? Your computer just seems to be very bad honestly.
  5. Did you even watch the video or read his messages?
  6. Dropping FPS is a computer problem
  7. After testing this myself it does seem this might be a minecraft bug, spawners that do not show the little mob inside of them cause your FPS to drop, in my case it dropped from 300 to 230 but with a mob spawner that has the entity inside of it there was no FPS drop.

    Just tested this in 1.17 and the issue seems to be fixed in that version.
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  8. Of course he didn't, he just wants to feel a little special.
  9. Did you even watch the video I provided? I get 500-600 FPS normally and the FPS only drops with wolf's and iron golems. How is this mY CoMPuTeR tHaT SEemS VeRy bAd my guy?
  10. My god we have a Sherlock here...
  11. Do you ever summon particles or something like that?
  12. Lol I didn't realize 1.17 was out already, I'll test there to see what happens.
  13. iT's tThE ParTiCleS (now with shaders)
  14. I tested in 1.17 and unfortunately, it's fixed. Guess no wolfs and iron golems for 1.16 then :/
  15. I think you're just sending too many particles. Can you send us more code, especially where you spawn the particles? Maybe 1.17 (fixed) this by limiting particle packets or something. I doubt its a bug from Minecraft itself.
  16. Jesus Christ... Its not the particles... I already tried testing this completly without the particles and i get the exact same result. I sent the video with particles because it was the state the plugin was in and i had already ruled that out. The fact that it only happens with two of the spawners already shows that it is not a problem with the particles.
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  17. Again look at the video.

    I completely get why OP is so frustrated. He has 500 fps when doing it with a chicken or pig but with wolfs and iron golems it goes down to 15 fps. It's a bug in at least 1.16.5, maybe optifine, but it's not his code. Stop guessing dumb things that are ruled out.

    It seems to be an issue in 1.16

    The only way to fix it is to disable them or replace the entity inside with something that is renderable. It will break for the following:
    - Bee
    - Enderman
    - Iron golem
    - Polar bear
    - Wolf
    - Zombified piglin
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  18. Well that's a shame. Was hoping there was something i could do besides just removing the option for the spawner

    Edit for future reference - Turns out there is something that can be done: Would have been nice if Spigot had implemented this in the server jar, but oh well
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