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Smoke weed everyday!

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    WonderDrugs - Smoke weed everyday!

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  2. Not to be critical, but you can't overdose on marijuana or shrooms, and overdosing on LSD is quite hard, especially compared to coke or MDMA. I'd also add a speed/health boost to cocaine. Otherwise, pretty cool idea.
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  3. You-say-you-a-gangsta-but-you-never-pop-nothing-we-say-you-a-wanksta-and-you-need-to-stop-fronting-you-go-to-the-dealership-but-you-never-cop-nothing-you-been-hustling-a-long-time-and-you-aint-got-nothing

    ~50 Cent
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  4. @kennethbgoodin
    Yeah thanks for the constructive criticism :)
    I know overdosing on mary is hard xD
    But it's just for the lolz ya know? Maybe in the future if this plugin gets a few downloads.

    You gangsta
  5. G-Unit
  6. Ok, this is getting weird.
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  7. is a super plugin:)
  8. It's not working for 1.8.7
  9. only 1.7 sorry
  10. Then update it? Please
  11. This is a discontinued plugin.Sorry.
  12. Hahaha, Great Stuff, is their a way to make them cost money? or to sell them?
  13. Well, you could manually, start giving away drugs at drop parties, so people will sell them one another ;)
    This is discontinued, sorry.
  14. @ZomBlade What's the permission for the /dealer command? Can I take over your project?
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  15. Hello!
    I do not have the code anymore..So you might aswell try decompiling!
    You can take over it if you wish, you have my permission :)