Wondering how well my server is for hosting?

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  1. I know this is a pretty dumb question since the answer can be found online and such, but there's always a way to go around things and its different for people. So, if possible, if you guys could provide me with the following answers for these questions based off the specs for my server

    Hosted at home (Maybe 15 - 50 players)
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
    16GB DDR4 3200MHz (Allocating 13Gbs)
    500GB SSD M.2 (512Mbps read / write speeds)
    1Gbps ethernet / 512Mbps wifi
    80+ Gold Efficiency 550W power supply
    Planning on using PaperMC
    Version: 1.17.1
    Windows 10

    So my questions are:

    How much players would this server support?
    Is there any way to optimize it via plugins / custom skripts?
    Is there a way to make the CPU utilize more threads?
    Is it safe to have a server running 24/7 with the current power supply I have?
    I decided to make the world border 2,500 by 2,500 (5000 total), will the server be able to support more of a world border size?
    If there's any other questions I haven't thought of or considered please post them as well :D
  2. While I strongly advise to not home host... I'll answer a few of your questions.

    It'll support your 15-50 players, it also depends on the speed of your internet as well. For example, you mention you have 1 Gbps ethernet, is that sustained speeds of 1000 download and 1000 upload, or close to it, or is that just the speed your motherboard supports. Either way, your 15-50 player count should be fine.

    "Optimization" plugins usually do more harm than good. The best way to optimize your server is editing the paper.yml or bukkit.yml and figure out the underlying causes of your server's lag issues.

    I'm assuming you mean this in terms of Minecraft hosting. Short answer is no.

    Nothing will happen with your computer running 24/7 as long as it has proper air flow. You can always run it on a power surge to protect it from thunderstorms / power surges / sudden loss of power.

    Should be able to just fine. I would pre-generate the world too.
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  3. As @MaGiiK_PartyBoy said, I wouldn't advise using a home server to host a Minecraft server due to many reasons, such as possible privacy issues and high electricity costs. However, I'll give my personal answer to those questions.

    This can variate a lot, and depends on many factors, but most importantly on the number of plugins and the kind of server. A SkyWars server will most likely be able to handle more players than a multi-world Survival server. Since Minecraft is mostly a single-threaded game, and your CPU has a 3.9Ghz base speed, you should be able to handle up to 70-80 players if you optimize it well enough (Follow the optimization guide). However, after seeing and testing with a lot of servers, I can tell that 1.17 is basically terrible with optimization (Up to 60% worse than 1.16 when adding dozens of players), I'd highly recommend using 1.16.5 instead since 1.17 doesn't really add that many vanilla features, if you have a well-optimized 1.16 Survival server, you might be able to handle 120-150 players with constant 20TPS's.

    It depends on what do you want to optimize, maybe you'll find some plugins that will help you managing Entities and stuff, but the best way to optimize your server is by setting up a decent server configuration. Try to not add more plugins than what you need, pre-generate the world, and make use of default configurations that you can find in some files like spigot.yml or paper.yml.

    This can be a very extensive theme and even has different answers depending on what do you exactly mean, but the short answer is that since 1.14, Minecraft servers actually use "Multi-threading", especially for world generation purposes. However, as I said, this can depend on what are you exactly talking about since the definition of Multi-threading can variate if you are talking about server process's or if you mean the amount of CPU a server can use. For example, Minecraft servers (as of 1.14) will use 2 different threads to run different processes, but that doesn't actually mean that you're gonna use those threads entirely. Let's think of an entire thread as if it were by percentages, your server can use technically as many threads as it wants to in terms of percentage (100% = 1 Thread), so, you might see that your server uses "150%" CPU (Or 1.5 Threads), but that won't mean that you're using 1 thread for certain processes and the other half for world generation, your server could be using 1.4 Threads just for world generation and 0.1 for any other process. But since I'm already extending a bit too much my answer and even I lost my point, I'll continue with the next answer.

    Yes (?). It would depend if you have enough money to pay for it (lol), and if your cooling system is capable enough to support that. However, you should be fine in terms of power supply.

    Sure, in this case, what most affects is the amount of RAM and disk capacity. Since you have 500Gb of storage you won't have any problem with such a small world, but I'd recommend setting up daily restarts to make sure that the RAM doesn't reach its limit since loading a large number of chunks can be very heavy for the server RAM. If you make sure that your RAM usage stays under ~10Gb, you'll probably be able to get a world up to 30-40k x 30-40k
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    I would be hosting it with a group of friends, it wouldn't be an open "SMP" sorry I didn't mention that. In terms of daily restarts, I would use a plugin or make a task and whatnot that restarts the server every certain time everyday day around the end of the day or every 2 days or whatnot. Overall am planning on using it for fun and whatnot with friends, recording, modded, etc. In terms of heat, I've seen SMP's that I've been in that when they reach critical temperature, the server sends in discord (DiscordSRV Plugin) that the server is on "fire" and shuts it down. I was wondering how to do this?
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  5. You are home hosting with a 5600x which has a TDP of 65W. As long as your case has airflow, your 'server' will not overheat. Just get a fan on the front for intake and on the back for exhaust, in addition to the CPU Cooler, and you'll have 0 issues. As for your server restarts, once a day is more than enough. You'll be fine running multiple days or weeks without restarting the server depending if it's a stable modpack. Anyways, best of luck to you and your friends on your SMP.
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