Wondering if this is a near-perfect timings

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by o355, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. So I'm wondering, is this a near perfect timings:

    There was an average of 19.98 TPS, how can I get that to hit 20 TPS solid? Maybe 3-4 GB RAM? I'm currently doing 2 GB. Just about wondering.
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  2. With that amount of loaded worlds and, plugins. Upgrading to 4GB would do wonders.
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  3. Nearly impossible, but try to not use the /lagg and /gc commands, these seem to cause some load (click expand all)
  4. It's crazy to think that I've been running all this on 2 GB of RAM :)
    But I'll go up to 4 GB.
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  5. dtm

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    19.98 TPS is perfect. There is essentially no difference between that and 20TPS.
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  6. 0.02 TPS makes a difference in my world. Always. I also really did need more RAM anyways.

    4 GB does work wonders. Thanks for the tip!
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  7. 0.02 TPS of 20 TPS is 0.001% which is in fact (as danjb2000 pointed out) no difference. It is unlikely you will get a perfect 20 without running no plugins or un-configured plugins.
  8. JamesJ


    Did I count 32 worlds? Or am I just a retard at reading timings?
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  9. You should also note the average player count
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  10. Or look at the active entity count: 331
    Is this a conspiracy with this much 3's?