Bukkit WooMinecraft - Donation Plugin 1.1.2

A Free Minecraft Donations Plugin which leverages WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. @Phyrax
    Do you have an idea for me concerning 'upgrading'
    I.E. you have rank Gold and want to upgrade to Diamond, is there a possibility to check if a user already has a product?
    Maybe even possible to set the prize of the product to (Diamond price - Gold price)

    Is it possible to use the wordpress user account name instead of filling in the name of the person?
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  2. @MrCleverTrevor - Definitely possible, a 'testing site' is on my radar, just haven't had the time. I've also considered featuring servers using the plugin, just haven't had the time for an official submission form on teh WMC site haha... it all boils down to time.

    All of what you're saying IS possible, if you know how to code. But out of the box the system is not tied to the WordPress user account.

    As for product dependencies... there's a plugin for that - https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-product-dependencies/

    I have not, however, tested this plugin so I'd give it a try in a testing environment.
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  3. whats the diffrence between S1 and B1 .jar files??
  4. @morgie2233 Spigot vs Bukkit - I built against them separately to ensure compatibility. Though based on my ignorance of differences between Bukkit and Spigot, that may not have been necessary.
  5. So WordPress is clearly a dependency there is not way to use this plugin without using wordpress. The reason I ask is I host my own server with its own template straight html.
  6. You could always iframe it but idk how crappy that is hehe
  7. are you talking about embedding it ?

    Its either beteen Woominecraft Donation or Crafting Store and since this is open source i prefer it more so if i have a problem it is less likely to go out of popularity
  8. I might have misunderstood what you want, I was assuming you already have a website and you want to integrate woocommerce on a page.
    If this is the case, you can just install wordpress in a subdirectory (lets say /store)
    Then you just create an iframe on the page you want to the wordpress site.
  9. Could you update the plugin to 1.12.2?
  10. Does it also work with SSL and HTTPS? Or is 1.12.2 not supported?
  11. I suggest you put all your question in github: https://github.com/WooMinecraft/WooMinecraft
    It's much more active.

    But considering that Woocommerce actually almost enforces people to use SSL, i don't think SSL will be an issue.

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