Spigot WooMinecraft - Donation Plugin 1.2.0

A Free Minecraft Donations Plugin which leverages WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. A few folks have mentioned this works on 1.13 currently so I've updated the tested up to settings in the repo.
  2. does anybody tested this plugin with 1.14 server ?
    i need 1.14 support.
  3. Do this work on 1.14.4?
  4. Will this work on 1.14 if there is there a source code to have my developer customize it to 1.14??
  5. Would appreciate a confirmation of whether this works on 1.14.4.

    Thanks & love.
  6. it working for me
  7. I love the plugin! Is it possible to use variables like you can in Tebex? Similar to the %s placeholder for player. If not, is that a planned feature?
  8. How and where do the player add his/hers mc-name on the checkout-page to get the items in-game?
    I'm trying to use this plugin on the latest Spigot-version (1.15.2) and can't find where to add the minecraft username.
    #109 Guldstrand, Mar 20, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2020
  9. Can anyone recommend a good WordPress theme paid or free for use with WooMinecraft?