Spigot WooMinecraft - Donation Plugin 1.3.0

A Free Minecraft Donations Plugin which leverages WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. A few folks have mentioned this works on 1.13 currently so I've updated the tested up to settings in the repo.
  2. does anybody tested this plugin with 1.14 server ?
    i need 1.14 support.
  3. Do this work on 1.14.4?
  4. Will this work on 1.14 if there is there a source code to have my developer customize it to 1.14??
  5. Would appreciate a confirmation of whether this works on 1.14.4.

    Thanks & love.
  6. it working for me
  7. I love the plugin! Is it possible to use variables like you can in Tebex? Similar to the %s placeholder for player. If not, is that a planned feature?
  8. How and where do the player add his/hers mc-name on the checkout-page to get the items in-game?
    I'm trying to use this plugin on the latest Spigot-version (1.15.2) and can't find where to add the minecraft username.
    #109 Guldstrand, Mar 20, 2020
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  9. Can anyone recommend a good WordPress theme paid or free for use with WooMinecraft?
  10. Does WooMinecraft work on Forge or even SpongeForge servers?
  11. I recommend Divi if you are experienced with WordPress and want some more freedom in creativity. They give you more control of how WooCommerce lays out its elements.
  12. Still can't get it. Why don't you support offline servers? Half of the world playing offline mode. Stupid decision. Please add offline mode support. OMG how stupid is this...
  13. this is spigot only as far as i can see but i havent been active in a bit so idk exactly whats been added

    i know back in like 1.13 it was working on my network which was bungee just have to add each server to the panel (not the bungee server)
  14. Can u add bungee support?
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  15. Hi, i installed version 1.4.0 but users with cracked usernames cannot do orders
  16. Does it work with WooCommerce Subscriptions?