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  1. Hello, i have just a question.
    So, i have a mall in my server and i made separated rooms where people can sell their things and decorate that space how they want.I have a full protection made with world guard on that mall and i want to know how to give players permissions to break/place only for a room.
  2. Do /rg setpriority room_region 10 and set the flags you need. Higher priority overrides flags.
  3. and do i need to set priority 10 to all my rooms?
  4. In the ones you want to override flags, yeah
  5. Priority 10 is a bad idea, if your mall is set to priority 0 or 1, then you can do 1 or 2 respectively to make it work.
  6. You have to add multiple regions in the main region. I mean that you have to add region for every single room in your mall (do not delete the main region)
  7. Priorities have nothing to do with what you want to achieve. What you should look into is the /rg addowner <region> <username> .
    This way, if you were to create a region (in a small room) and prevent building inside there the user you added as an owner in the region will be able to bypass the restrictions and therefore allowing certain users to build inside a room.
  8. @darklazerog very true, but that is if you want to use worldguard to allow this. TBH, I would suggest getting another plugin to make the claim function, and get worldguard support on it using priorities.
  9. Since the OP requested that he find a way to do this with world guard and didn't mention anything about any other external plugin then this is the most valid solution, in my opinion of course. Although, using another plugin that has the claim function with worldguard support, it would be highly efficient since it would be "automated" in a way.
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  10. Points taken :) You can just make a simple plugin that will run a console command when certain things happen.
  11. Using Groups Flag in WorldGuard for Region will solve this.
    Code (Text):
            min: {x: 672.0, y: 68.0, z: -496.0}
            max: {x: 687.0, y: 256.0, z: -481.0}
                groups: [gold]
            flags: {entry: deny, creeper-explosion: deny, block-break: deny, pvp: deny,
                lava-flow: deny, weather-lock: CLEAR, block-place: deny, mob-spawning: deny,
                block-break-group: NON_MEMBERS}
            owners: {}
            type: cuboid
            priority: 1
    Then add those Groups to your Permission file.
    Code (Text):
    # LuckPerms Export File
    # Generated by Console at 2018-04-19 03:31:59 CDT

    # Create groups
    /lp creategroup admin
    /lp creategroup mod
    /lp creategroup diamond
    /lp creategroup warrior
    /lp creategroup lapis
    /lp creategroup emerald
    /lp creategroup redstone
    /lp creategroup gold
    /lp creategroup iron
    /lp creategroup coal
    /lp creategroup member
    REF: https://worldguard.enginehub.org/en/latest/regions/quick-start/
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