Workaround Idea for BungeeCore Plugin Message

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  1. I was thinking the other day about a solution to fix the plugin messages not getting sent to the other servers while they are empty. My first idea was to try to send a message for a list and If I don't get one in a time frame don't send the message, this is a bad idea as some of the message need to get sent fast. Then I though of make a BungeeCord plugin the will check is the server is empty then it will cancel the event I think this will work great and I want to know your opinions on this. As I really want my plugins to only depend on the servers connected to BungeeCord and just make it less of a hassle to set up.
  2. Completely pointless.

    If you send a message to an empty server, it will just discard the message.

    If it is crucial that the server get that message, do a Database Sync setup with java.sql, or use
  3. It won't ignore the message it will just hold the message until a player logs in, then the player gets spammed with tons of messages. Also I want to stay away from the database sync, I personally don't like to keep a database unless its really needed. As on my survival server a bunch of my plugin uses signs/items lours to get the data.
  4. You will not overload your database with a minecraft server, I PROMISE you that. If you are doing over 100 thousand queries a second, you have a much larger issue to deal with.

    But what jjacobson said. Just do sockets. Surefire way.
  5. I like the idea of using sockets so would this me a good idea to centralize the processing data, have a bungeecord plugin be the socket server and have a bukkit plugin be the client and they talk back and worth that way.
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