Working MySQL votifier loggers?

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  1. Hi,

    As the title says, Working MySQL votifier loggers?
    I have trouble finding a working votifier MySQL logger, and NO I don't want to switch to Enjin.

    So, what I want the logger to do is log down when someone votes so I can then on my site do a top-voter thing, kinda like what Enjin does.

    P.S. I asked on the votifier bukkit forum, no response, so yeah.

    Thanks to all who help,
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    No worries.

  4. That's for 1.5.2, does it still work? Also, does it delete whats in the tables after every month? Because, I'm trying a top voter of the month feature.
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    Yep, its working for 1.6.2. You will have to manually delete the contents of the table at the end of the month. This plugin works perfectly as top voter plugin.

    Good luck!
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  6. Does this plugin work for 1.8? I'm having trouble getting it to work. Maybe it's on my side and the mysql details are wrong, i've checked a few times though