Spigot World Beautifier 2 2.8 for MC 1.14.2

Beautify your Minecraft world, your users'll love this <3

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    Shoko's World Beautifier - Beautify your Minecraft world, your users'll love this <3

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    Cave Detailes | Desert Caves | Cave Flora | Overworld Details | Bug Fixes

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  3. Hey, this plugin looks very promising. I've been looking at Realistic World Generator for a long time now(And I am currently waiting for it to come out in Beta), but this plugin could be a better fit for my server; however, I have a question on future additions to this plugin. Do you plan on adding more complex things such as lakes within biomes?
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  4. Yes! Structures are on my TODO list rn, things like lakes / craters / heisers Will definetly make their way into the plugin very soon :)
  5. SlimeDog

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    This looks very promising. Feature requests:
    • Add configuration option to enable/disable all features, per world.
    • Convert config.yml to standard YAML:
      Code (YAML):
         - world_nether
          - world_the_end
          - addAsManyBlockedWorldsAsYouLike
    • Add configuration option to blacklist entire dimensions, to save listing each new world in worlds blacklist. For example:
      Code (YAML):
         - nether
          - the_end
    • Add removal of floating terrain (the vanilla generator leaves floaters all over).
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  6. SlimeDog

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    Question: Would a chunk be beautified if reloaded with WorldEdit? [UPDATE: NOT Essentials]
    #7 SlimeDog, Jan 28, 2019
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  7. It Will, using world edit's //regen , didn't try with essentials
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  8. SlimeDog

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    Apologies, I meant WE.
  9. Oh no problem, yes it does regen the "beautified" world withouth any problems
  10. SlimeDog

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    Another feature request:
    • Whitelist, so one can limit beautification to a small list of worlds. For example:
      Code (YAML):
         - world_beautiful
          - world_pretty
  11. Hey, I just tested the plugin on my server, and it is really nice. I do have one issue with the tree generation though, why are there random logs in the trees? Perhaps this is a part of the tree generation, but I would like to be able to turn it off.

    Overall this plugin is definitely good, and judging by your moon generator it is going to continue improving.
  12. Plugin is looking very promising! The leaves and stalagmites/stalactites are a nice touch, but the biome-specific caves need a little work.

    I realize that not being able to find granite / diorite etc in some biomes might be irritating, but you could leave granite in Deserts, Diorite in tundras and andesite in jungles. That way the stone variants would look less out of place :)

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  13. Do you have time to update version 1.14?
    Looking forward to your reply.
  14. I'll change it in the 1.14 update, thanks for suggesting
  15. Yes, first 1.14 build will be published today, any suggestions?
  16. Looking forward to your first 1.14 build ~