Spigot World Downloader API / WDLCompanion 1.2.0

The official implementation of the World Downloader plugin channel API

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  1. can you make this BungeeCord based so i do not have to install it on every single server?
  2. I've never worked with BungeeCord plugins, but it's probably possible to write it to do that. But I think rewriting it for BungeeCord would break its ability to work on a per-world basis, unless BungeeCord works in a different way than I think.
  3. Probably, ill look into doing it myself.
  4. hmm,so this only works with one particular world downloader mod? which one is that?
  5. Hmm.. How can I configure that only land's owners can download their land through worldguard?
  6. "The" world downloader mod, for all versions > 1.8a (plus the 1.7.10 backport and the 1.9 frontport). This one. I'm the maintainer of it, but it's the same one that was originally developed by cubic72 and nairol.

    And it's using the same system that other plugins that disable the mod use (or at least the ones that I've looked at), except that it's a complete implementation of the system rather than kicking players.
  7. That'll require one of the extensions, which I'm still finalizing, though they'll be up shortly (probably tomorrow). The hard part of WorldGuard is dealing with regions that aren't rectangular; everything else is mostly done.
  8. Great! , I will wait ..
  9. so this should work for the 1.8 liteloader world downloader mod?
  10. Current versions (which should be all of the versions linked on the Minecraft Forum post), yes. Older versions (before July 2015 or so), no, but they won't be recognized by most of the other plugins either and aren't linked anywhere.
  11. pokechu22 updated World Downloader API / WDLCompanion with a new update entry:

    Version 1.1.1 released

    Read the rest of this update entry...

    More in-depth on the permission change, I've split permissions into two groups. One of them is for administrative tasks, such as reloading the configuration and managing permission requests. The other is for overriding parts of the configuration file. The first group is now 'wdl.admin.*', and the second is 'wdl.override.*'. Ops still do have both groups of permission by default. See this page for a list of the new permissions.

    I'm making progress on the extensions (for factions, worldguard, and askyblock right now). It's harder than I'd thought to get them finished, mainly because I have to deal with 1.9 and deal with plugins that are dealing with 1.9. Sooner or later they'll be done, though, in which case I'll make a reply here. (Hopefully, sometime this week...)
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  12. Can you make it so i can send the player a command if he comes on with the mod?
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  13. Hmm How about release your extension with premium ? or exclusive only for donator?

    I'm gonna support your right away!
  14. Alright, I've released the extensions:

    The reason why I have these as extensions is because it both keeps me from needing to continuously update this plugin to reflect changes to other plugins and it simplifies dependency management (so that this plugin doesn't need all three of them installed). When you have one of those plugins installed, you'll be able to use the types of chunk overrides it gives within the WDLCompanion configuration file.

    I'll address commands later, but for now that isn't a planned feature since it would behave inaccurately. It's not hard to implement and there are a few other implementations, but there are some client-side changes that I'd like to make beforehand.
  15. JustPvP mod bypass this :/
  16. I don't have control over whatever horribly outdated version JustPvP is using :/

    It's like a year old and they haven't updated whatsoever. I'm considering filing a DMCA notice (though I don't know if I can) or just politely asking them to update.

    All I know is that JustPvP has what appears to be a custom version that does something with TNT in dispensers and also they obfuscated their copy (which they shouldn't have done). Kinda annoying :/
  17. Hello,

    Very very good with a good plugin API, thank you.