World Edit 1.8 Error

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  1. On my Minecraft server (Spigot 1.8) I have installed all the essential plugins which are needed such as Essentials, GroupManager, WorldBorder, WorldGuard and many more for my server. I released my server and it was working fine until I got multiple complaints from other players. The complaint was "It doesn't let me use crafting tables, anvils or enchanting tables at spawn" however, when I de-opped myself to test this, the players could suddenly use the crafting tables and anvils etc at spawn (When I am de-opped) is this an override error? Any help would be appreciated.

    The second error which is an essential one for me is that WorldEdit itself doesn't seem to work. In game, if I type //wand or // it doesn't perform anything. It doesn't give me a notification and it doesn't place the axe in my inventory. I don't know if this is a 1.8 error or something but help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. Do you have any stack-traces for the world edit problem, sounds to me like the plugin is not loading. I do not believe there is an official world-edit for 1.8+, just like essentials.
  3. I don't know... It's frustrating as it won't allow me to world edit buildings and such I need for special events and stuff. If I type //wand nothing pops up on the screen as I said, BUT if I go into my inventory, grab a wooden axe, left click a position, right click a position and for example type; //set air. Nothing happens... I just don't understand why it will let me select regions but not use WorldEdit commands such as //brush or //set etc. Could it be a plugin interfering? These are my plugins by the way:
  4. If you think it might be another plugin causing it, have you tried running only worldedit? It looks like it has enabled from plugins list.
  5. It works on my friends server, he has all the basic stuff such as mine and it works fine....
  6. It would suggest that there is something on your server interfering then. Try going through plugins.
  7. I have the same worldedit problem.. if anyone knows please tell me otherwise my server was waste of money..
  8. I have found a new update for WorldEdit specifically for 1.8 which works correctly. Try searching on Bukkit Dev.
  9. Is everything up-to-date on the latest version?
  10. May I have the link?
  11. Hi matty, Have you made sure you are running same version of worledit as spigot, 1.8.1 spigot with worldedit 1.8.1 etc?
  12. Well. my problem is, I was getting worldguard, then I got it, and now worldedit doesn't work. Anyone help me?
  13. i have the same problem with world border if i have it on my server world edit and other plugins dont seem to work