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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a solution an issue with the world file size. I'd like to keep it at a relatively small size to not take up so much storage space. Last time I ran a server, my world size reached 7GB and my goodness backing it up was a pain. Is there anything I can do about this?
  2. worldborder, pre-render it.. 5k x 5k square border for example
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  3. World file size will always just keep getting bigger unless you use PlotSquared and purge unused chunks or a similar plugin to do that with a normal world. I agree with @mrfloris here with generating so you have a closer estimate on the file size in advanced.
  4. And if you have a smaller world to build in- it really is big enough to have a spot for everybody.. additionally you can have temporary mining worlds for example that you can just reset every once in a while to give fresh resources (especially of newer versions) when they come out.
  5. You really need a set world border 5k x 5k, 10k x10k so on and so forth. As members run away from spawn, or random teleport they're always loading new chunks constantly, and that's really not fixable unless you have a world border.
  6. Here's a rough formula for calculating the storage requirements for a fixed-size world. 'n' = the distance from 0,0 to the border, e.g. 5000 blocks.

    size in MB = (((n/256) + 1) **2 ) * 4

    So for a border 5000 blocks away, the size requirement is about 1700 MB or 1.7 GB.
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  7. I have mine set at 5000 and your Math is pretty good! All my Map has been Pre-Genned...
    Capture.PNG that's way off. Now I'm gonna check the Worldborder size command, don't want to post bad info. Yea, I was wrong...
    Code (Text):
    [17:42:31 INFO]: World border is currently 60000000 blocks wide
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  8. No way you pre-genned +/- 60,000,000 blocks. Your region files would go up to r.117187.117187.mca
    That would be 54,931,640,625 files, each about 4 MB, totaling 219,726,562,500,000,000 bytes, or 220 Petabytes.
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  9. Well then The WorldBorder command is reporting wrong Yikes. I better go look if my border is there. Yea that command about the border is wrong...Here is the Config file...
    Code (Text):
        x: 521.4086761382833
        z: -701.9689140494866
        radiusX: 10000
        radiusZ: 10000
        wrapping: false
  10. Check max-world-size
  11. Yea but I did [worldborder get] in the console....
    I assume this is default cause I haven't changed it
    Code (Text):
    Oh wait, I bet you have to run that command in game.
    Nope still reports massive #

    Now you got me wondering...gonna set flyspeed to 5 and go look :)
    Whew...its there!
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