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  1. I readed some threads about World gen but just found things like generating layers.
    What I want to do is like a sand World, with some dunes (litlle montains), instead of stone, sandstone, cave and ore generation still The same, but maybe with a bit more ores than normal World,and some custom buildings (by schematics, maybe).
    Is there any thread that explains how to do that, or just, how I can do that?
  2. What I rly want is like "edit" the default generator, but create another, not just "edit".
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    copy the default world generator and edit it to your needs?
  4. I can't find for example, the part for caves, there's a lot of classes, and I just want some code, since I don't want things like biomes.
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    Trust me, that is not how it works if he want to make modifications to the structures in minecraft like mineshaft, ocean monument etc. (Would be possible if he did it directly to the spigot source)

    Messing with structures generated by mc/spigot require you to rewrite how structures is saved. In other words, require a lot of reflection.
  6. What I want is create a new generator, not edit the normal one and "keep it the normal one"

    What I want is just a normal sand world (not all flat, but almost) with some structures and a cave & ravine system
  7. Hills and mountains are generated using noise. Without the noise it would be flat layers. You can take a flat layer world and add noise to it got hills and mountains. This what the seed is, it is used to generate the noise.

    As for caves, there should also be some cave diving methods and I assume they use noise for the path and sizes. I'm not real familiar with world generation, but these are things one would take that I assume are in the api for you to lookup.

    Now, as for struxtures and buildings, you can add in your own using modular schematic pieces, but it won't be easy. You'd have to build your own system that handles the randomization of the modules (probably with more noise).

    Long story short, you're not going to find any tutorials on exactly what you want here. You will have to research multiple aspects of the entire idea and apply them together on your own.
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  8. Ok, we get it. No need to repeat it three times.
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  9. Found the code. It will be a bit hard to understand whats in there since there's a snowman apocalypse.
  10. Stop using JD GUI if you want to avoid the snowmen. Use the work directories from BuildTools. Everything has been decompiled nicely in them for you ^_^
  11. Oh. Thx for the info.