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  1. I have a server spawn. I have set mob-spawning deny. But i have a yard of spawners inside. How can i allow mob-spawning allow in the yard. I know it will not work and it still will deny mob-spawning. How can i make the yard to allow mob-spawning?
  2. Hello justin2001,

    I'm not sure if that work but you can try and tell me :)

    Go into the world you want to set this flags.

    First, you prevent the mob-spawning in the complete world. For that you can type /rg flag __global__ mob-spawning DENY

    After doing that, you can create a new region like 'monsters' with your //wand and then //expand vert
    and after this /rg define monsters <maybe your ign>

    Then you use /rg flag monsters mob-spawning ALLOW

    Try to spawn a little creeper :D

    If it doesn't work: Set a priority. The __global__ region has '0'. So you can set it to 1 with: /rg priority monsters 1

    It should work now, hope I could help you;):)
  3. Thanks. What is priority?