World Holes?!

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I have this very weird issue at my spawn (which is not at 0,0 coordinates). There are quite many chunks there which turn into world holes after a while when the server was restarted. They are fine for the first... maybe 20 minutes(?) but then they turn into world holes.

    The holes seem to exist on the server because I can collide with blocks but they're not visible for clients (restarted, others reporting the same).

    When someone actually walk into it with shift-crouching onto it and then restarts his client (or anyone else enters it for the first time) then this one particular chunk is fixed.

    I am also able to fly over lots of them (or even all) and that fixes every chunk I was on for a short time. But this effect is only temporarily. It turns into world holes later on again (not sure if after restart or after another 20 minutes yet).

    Also entities (like item frames which I have there) are fine, I can see them but they're too dark :D

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? I've tried a rollback of the whole world to a date about which I was sure that the problem didn't exist.

    Any further help is much appreciated! Also I am running Spigot as a server software.

    If you need any other information, just ask for them.
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    F3 + a, it's a client issue from what I've seen. Had it happen in my singleplayer world when I open it as a LAN to some friends.
  3. I said I've let other people try this as well.

    Also I have removed the whole .mca file while the server was down, restarted, the whole chunk region was regenerated but the missing chunks still happened again after some time...

    Edit #1: I can load the chunks fine in SinglePlayer and look at them in mcedit... Any further ideas? Load the "new" chunks which were loaded on SinglePlayer up on the server?
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  4. Thanks for ALL the attempts to fix my problem.

    Unfortunately (or luckily? :D) I probably found out the caus of the lag going along with the world holes, they come from my backup plugin. I have some worlds that I back up and many people would probably consider them rather big :D

    I have disabled it completely and after about 12 hours that the server is running straight, it was still not occuring.

    This also explains the big lag that I sometimes had while it was all glitching out.

    I wanna keep this here as an archive so others can see. If there's any news I'll post them here but I guess that was it :D I'll have to search for a better replacement to make an external script run a backup.

    Edit #1: I was using MineBackup if anyone's interested :D

    Thank you all for the help again, I appreciate it, bye.