world missing village ship and so on

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I have my own minecraft server spigot 1.14.4, but the world, nether and end don't seem right.
    all regions are there but things like a village, sunken ship and temple cannot be found.
    in the end it is true that you only have one island where the dragon is on, but there seems to be nothing else there either.
    does anyone know how this is possible or how this can be solved?
    greetings: peter
  2. In your file, make sure generate structures is set to true,
    Code (Text):
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  3. thanks for your response.
    I have checked if generate structures is true.
    eh yes it is therefore true.
    so it doesn't seem to lie there.
    of course I can remove the world so that minecraft server this on new generated egter I am a bit reluctant to do because then I think all the buildings that the user has made are gone

    greetings: peter
    ps: sorrie for the bad english but writing english is so bad that i write the text in dutch and let google translate translate