World reset/corrupted?

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  1. Hi,
    I have a server, which recently had an error regarding chunks earlier today. This error swapped and moved a few of the chunks in my world, so I fixed the chunks via world edit and decided to make a copy of the world not long after. I was working on some of the configs of my server, with one of the edits being to the world names. I did this simply by renaming the file. What this ended up doing is resetting my entire world, though still leaving holograms, warps, homes, etc. I am not sure what ended up happening, but if anyone can lead me to an answer and possibly if I could undo this that would be great. Also, I used MCedit to put some structures in the map when I first started the world, and got a file appear in my server by the name of "##world.UNDO##. I will try to find the logs, but in the meantime could someone give me direction on this issue. I am not too educated in this, as I am fairly new. I know is fairly vauge, but any help is appreciated. Thanks

    I was able to load in an odd world, with half of it being my original world and the second being an old world before my new world. It was split right in the middle, with my spawn and the old worlds spawn in it.

    Update 2:
    Here's an image of the world corruption, same issue as mentioned above. It seems that two worlds of mine are intersecting. This is the only world I can seem to get with some of spawn, the others are empty. I say others since I found multiple worlds in my recycling. Possibly its somewhere else?
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  2. It looks like one side is a custom map and the other side is a standard map. This can happen when chunk files are missing, minecraft will try to fill in the chunk with the seed the map was made with.
  3. Hm, would there be any way to resolve this and fix the world? Maybe some program that enables me to go to previous files before change? Or could it be retrieved through one that finds deleted files?
  4. Not that I'm aware of. Do you have the original files? You can move the original map to the server and overwrite your save. If you backed your server up before you messed with it you can use the back up, it should have the map saved.