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  1. So I have a world on my server that I just can't remove!?!?

    I deleted it in-game using multiverse core + deleted the folders in the FTP Files but when I restart the server they come back...

    Any suggestions?
  2. Stop the server then delete the world folder. If you delete before stopping they will just save to disk again on restart i believe :)
  3. Make sure everything is offline and every little thing related to it is purged and or updated to register the deletion properly.
  4. Is it a default world, e.g.
  5. Replying here for google search results. I have the same problem, I created a World which is not a default World. I stopped the server, delete the World folder and it from the /plugins/MultiVerse-Core/worlds.yml. I did stop the server before deleting everything, I tried multiple times with /mv remove and /mv delete, it says the World could not be deleted.

    Please, if you're about to answer with easy answers not knowing what really is the problem, it's not necessary, thanks for your interest but I'd like a good answer, I read many threads and found nothing relevant.
  6. Edit multiverse-core configs and remove your world from here, if that doesn't fix, it could be that the world is created by another plugin, not Multiverse-Core for example PlotSquared, then you need to remove it out of the other plugin.
  7. Whata are your plugins?
  8. I'm new to all that, my server is hosted by BisectHosting. I don't know how to go in the configs.
  9. Also, I have PlotSquared installed, I can't find a worlds text file though.
  10. It's storage.db file I think. Also there is worlds.yml in PlotSquared/config/worlds.yml that could also be here.

    EDIT: configs are located in plugins folder and there should be a lot folders created by plugins which you have, in them are configs.
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