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  1. So back in December 2015, I used the world border plugin's fill command to fill a radius of about 5,000 blocks. When players joined the map and started playing on it, we got lots of complaints about the lack of animals. I flew around myself and confirmed that there were basically no animals anywhere on the entire map. I am wondering if anyone else has used world border fill and encountered an issue like this.

    One thing I did was we were building a large spawn, and I basically had a border around it so we wouldn't generate any chunks further out, which would make moving the map take longer. Inside that small border, I had the spawn in a Worldguard region with mob spawning off. We then did a command to kill all mobs and animals in spawn. I'm wondering if this may have had something to do with the lack of animals server-wide? Maybe since spawn had no animals, when the map filled it didn't make new animals? Or maybe the fill command just doesn't generate animals?

    I want to be sure of this before I fill another map. Yes it helps a lot with lag when the chunks are generated before 60 people come online, but if it means few animals for players, I don't think I want to risk it. Thanks for reading!
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  2. Please easier, I do not understand what you mean.:(
  3. I am having the same issue with mobs auctally been filling my world in and even when I pause the filling still doesn't spawn mobs it could be another player but I think the filling while its in the process doesn't allow the spawning of mobs or animals due to server using most of its memory to fill the chunks in? I could be 100% wrong but if you find a fix let me know !
  4. To simplify, I noticed that when I generated a world using the plugin worldborder's fill command, I had players complain that they couldn't find any animals (cows, pigs, sheep, etc.). In the past, we never used worldborder fill, and we never had a problem. My question was if this was because of me killing all the animals while building spawn, or if the worldborder fill simply doesn't spawn animals.
  5. I think it's becaus the worldborder fill
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  6. Just removed the world generating plugin I had (EWG) and it started spawning mobs again, but it might be the newest beta 7 build bug
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  7. Hmm, I would have said check your spigot.yml for the spawning settings, But since that fixed your issue removing it. It must be WorldBorder
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  8. All the spawning settings were left untouched from the previous map. The only difference is that I had a larger spawn this map, and I turned off mob spawning and then killed all mobs before I did the fill command. But I don't think that a lack of animals in spawn should affect the entire world, right? I mean, animals are supposed to be generated along with the chunks I think. So I think you're right; must be the plugin. I'll have to let players generate land and just bear the lag I suppose.
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