Worldborder fill taking a long time

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Fonzee9, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. I've said the fill command yesterday night at 10 PM and its still not done today at 10 PM now its only at 38% is it suppose to take so long?
  2. Yes it is, it depends on your server speed and on the number of chunks you are filling :). Everything is fine don't worry.
  3. My worldborder is 20k so i guess its big.
  4. I just want to get rid of new chunk gen lag
  5. Most servers do this days in advance, you're not alone hahah.
  6. Ok well my world was 5k by 5k and it took me 12h ish, so 20k is really really big.
  7. You sure it is not a little too big because one chunk is 16x16 blocks which means that it would take 320000 blocks to get to the border.
  8. Not sure i just did /wb set 20000 20000
  9. Yeah i had 30 people on and my server was mainly lagging from new chunks..
  10. Jesus, ok, I hope that a lot of players will play cause if not it will feel empty. ;)
  11. I get around 30 a day so a border like that is good :)
  12. If you say so ;)