Spigot WorldBorder 1.9.10 (beta)

a feature-rich world size limiting plugin, which can also generate or trim a world to your border

  1. i dont know why but i setted the border to 100k with 0 and 0 as coordinates, and people tell the it was 90k the border and not 100k, is a bug?
  2. You've probably done something wrong, just do it again. You can set the world border as many times as you want without causing any damage. You can also run the command wb list to see what radius you've actually set, or alternatively check the WorldBorder/config.yml file.

    As a general rule of thumb; when it comes to running a Minecraft server, don't automatically assume what people tell you is right, confirm and double-check yourself.
  3. >.... [18:14:49 INFO]: World "world" has border radius 100000 at X: 0.0 Z: 0.0
    >.... [18:14:49 INFO]: World "world_the_end" has border radius 50000 at X: 0.0 Z: 0.0
    >.... [18:14:49 INFO]: World "world_nether" has border radius 50000 at X: 0.0 Z: 0.0
  4. It's because the world is round, and not square. Meaning you will only get the full radius at 4 points on the circle. North, south, west and east. To form the circle then the radius will be quite a lot less in the center between north and west (For an example).

    I really thought this would have been basic logic and knowledge for everyone?
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  5. I would recommend disabling all plugins except the ones WorldBorder requires. It dramatically speeds up the process.
  6. It's a possibility, but highly unlikely. Most likely you have one specific plugin that cause havoc, and by disabling all of them, you disabled the problematic one. It's something you should figure out, as that plugin is likely to give you a headache at a later point.

    WorldBorder has no dependencies.
  7. This plugin is no longer being supported. Sorry, I just don't have the time or interest for it at this point. People are welcome to make their own forks of the project and continue it. The source is under the extremely permissive BSD license and as long as you maintain a link back to the original project somewhere (even in a text file somewhere in the project), you're welcome to do what you like with it.

    Rather than just leaving it hanging and disappearing, I wanted to make it clear that I am now officially no longer updating this plugin.
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  8. Is there anyone who is able to continue this plugin?
  9. invite expired
  10. Seriously? Do something with the plugin before you start a Discord... Just, lol :p
  11. SlimeDog

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    At least it was done in all bold. :)
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  12. Unfortunately i dont have enough programming knowledge to update it. Hope someone can do it. Its quite an essential plugin.
  13. I have forked it today and will start developing it. I am making many breaking changes and will probably not make it have backwards compatibility nor Dynmap support. The reason is that for backwards version you can use this plugin, and dynmap seems a bit outdated currently.

    I cannot guarantee anything, but I plan to further develop it.
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  14. SlimeDog

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    Absolutely! Go forward!
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  15. But dynmap is not outdated. I think its super nice to have dynmap support
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  16. Indeed it is not, I was looking at the wrong page. Will try to implement the base plugin first and then add support for DynMap.

    Even though the plugin was working great, and I have respect for the author, there are some bad practices followed which I am trying to fix. I also try to clean and organize much of the code. This comes to a big rework of the whole plugin and is going to take a while, still on the basis of the original though! :)
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  17. Thats not true, dynmap is up to date.
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  18. Nice find, but according to the source then the "author" has done nothing but copy the original source, change the structure to their own personal reference and updated a readme file. No actual change from the last version made by Brettflan :( Yet....
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