WorldEdit 7.0 - 1.13 API

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  1. Hi all,

    What is the new of getting and setting WorldEdit 7.0 selection? And what is the new way of creating a new CuboidSelection?

    Here are the old code that I used for 1.12:

    Code (Text):
    Selection sel = getWorldEdit().getSelection(p);
    BlockVector min = sel.getNativeMinimumPoint().toBlockVector();
    BlockVector max = sel.getNativeMaximumPoint().toBlockVector();
    Code (Text):
    CuboidSelection cs = new CuboidSelection(p.getWorld(), pos1, pos2;
    getWorldEdit().setSelection(p, cs);
  2. There are no javadocs out there for the 7.0 generation of WorldEdit. You have two options here: (1) You join the EngineHub discord and ask around. (2) You browse the WorldEdit source-code yourself and see if you can find the new implementation there.
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  3. Thanks! I will go with both ^^
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  4. Did you get your answer ? I have the same issue here. It would be great if this information could become public if you have it.
    Thank you. :)
  5. You could look here.
  6. Thank you very much !
    Kind regards you all