WorldEdit crash server on /stop

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  1. Hey guys so when I type /stop on my server Its crashing at the point where it stops world edit saying this

    Unregistering com.sk89q.worldedit.bukkit.BukkitServerInterface from WorldEdit

    I am using WorldEdit 7.0.1
  2. Hi, the purpose of stopping the server is that it turns off basic, right? In short what is your version of spigot.​
  3. 1.14.4
  4. Possible to send me the crash report?​
  5. That's not a crash message. This is saying that it is disabling WorldEdit server interface which is normal if you are running the /stop command
  6. It doesn't move pass this message and will time out.
  7. md_5

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    Bug in 1.14.4, update to 1.15.2
  8. Hi, updated to 1.15.2 and now get this error and says "cant connect to server" on the list page.

    internal exception: io.netty.handler.codex.DecoderException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 27, Size: 5
  9. Did you update worldedit too? You need 7.1.0 for 1.15.2.
  10. Yes sir, same issue.
  11. md_5

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    You need to update all your plugins, especially stuff like viaversion and protocollib
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