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  1. Hi,


    WorldEdit is lagging with their onPlayerInteract event. Why is this happening? There are no WorldEdit commands even being ran. Only thing I can think of is WorldGuard someone interfering, but that'd still make no sense.

    Any ideas why this is lagging so much? Dropped my TPS significantly.

    Edit: its both these two
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  2. md_5

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    That WorldEdit is pretty outdated isn't it?
    Seems like a question for the WorldEdit authors though
  3. It is, I'm running 1.9.4.

    This is the rest of the timings if it helps, but I couldnt find anything useful:
  4. Could these be coming from another plugin, and the timings are making it look like it's WorldGuard and WorldEdit? Or is it actually both of them lagging here.

    I'm still struggling to figure out why this is happening. Theres like 3 worlds players use, recently added the third one, but its never been these two plugins lagging. Could that be it though?
  5. Bump. Happened again today. Went from 19.95 tps, to 13tps over the course of 30 seconds or so, then gradually back up to around 16ish where its at now. WorldEdit and WorldGuard taking up like 40% of the server. What is going on? Are the timings incorrect and its actually another plugin using the WorldEdit/Guard APIs? Or is there some sort of compatibility issue with me having players in 3 worlds? I really have no idea right now.

    Same issue here:
    and here: but it was never resolved.

    Edit: This is not a versions issue either (unless I haven't tried like the literal only one that works), I've tried most of them. Somethings just wrong with both of these plugins - hopefully some sort of config issue that I can fix?

    I'm thinking it's because the majority of players are mining in a new world we released recently, let's call it world "C". "A" was A-Z mines, "B" was the plotworld, and now there's a lot of action in the "C" world, so maybe the plugins aren't loading it properly? Only thing I could think of.
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    I mean you're using an outdated server with outdated worldedit and outdated worldguard.
    Even if there is an issue, it would not be resolved for the versions you are using....
  7. Well I mean there has to be some fix, right? I used to play on 1.9 servers that used both these plugins with super high player counts, and they never had any lag. This is taking up 30-40% of my server with just like 10+ people mining.

    But those servers probably had custom made versions for big issues like this I'd assume.

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