Spigot WorldEdit [Skipt] 2015-11-09

world edit in skript!

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    WorldEdit [Skipt] - world edit in skript!

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  2. WoW you recreate World edit on skript Good Job ^^
  3. Thank you ^^
  4. Waste of time dude. Skripts are more buggy and annoying than stand alone plugins, why don't people just get the stand alone plugin?
  5. Plus they only have to download 1 thing, not 2
  6. Plus he said the plugin will be Premium when he made it to a Full WorldEdit one time....

    The Normal WorldEdit is free..and allready "full"

    So currently:
    - you need script + this plugin
    - costs money when it reached his "full state"

    this whole project only would made sense if once a bukkit/spigot version would come out where WorldEdit would not run on anymore
    i think even if the current dev would giveup the work on WorldEdit then other would try to turn on to make his plugin compatible. then rewriting it..

    But ok - for a script - this plugin is a nice tutorial how to mark kords with a tool :)
    personaly i would not turn it on - WorldEdit has over 3 Years experierince in his plugin...and a few 100 features and commands and 1000 of vars...

    But if u have fun in rewritting the whole WorldEdit?..Have fun :D
    Idea 1 - Give your project (script) an other name - if u turn on it with the name WorldEdit you will get more and more threads where people
    mess is with the real WorldEdit...
    Idea 2: Add Permissions - totday where everything should be handled by "ONLY"-permissionsystems and not the vanilla OP (/op command) its not good to say "u need to be OP"
    Also thing what plugin u try to write...
    So Every builder, designer or what ever should have OP?....good luck...
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  7. can you plz add copy and paste?